What is Back in the Loop?

Back in the Loop is a resale and consignment store in Vernon Hills, IL. We accept new and pre-loved/pre-owned items to resell in our store.

How/where do you sell your products?

On top of our brick-and-mortar store, we have several online channels where we sell our products, including our online store, Poshmark, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is your pricing model?

Our consignment commission is 50% on regular items, and 30% on luxury items. This means our consignors receive 50% of the final sale price on regular items, and 70% of the final sale price on luxury items. 

We use a time based consignment model on most items (excluding luxury items and jewelry). This means that after an item has been in our store for 3 weeks, the sale price decreases by 25%. After the item has been in our store for 5 weeks, the sale price decreases to 50% of the original sale price. 

How long is your consignment period?

We display items in our store for 60 days, after which our consignors have the option of picking up any items which did not sell, or we can donate them for you.  We donate to Lamb’s Farm in Libertyville.    

What items do you accept for consignment?

We accept women's and men's clothes, athletic wear, junior's clothing, shoes, purses, luxury items, and other accessories which are clean, current, and in good condition. We cannot accept any items which have stains, tears, or odors. Unfortunately, we do not carry children’s clothes or home decor at this time.

What is a luxury item?

We define luxury items as items which are a high-end, designer brand (ex: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel) and usually priced over $200.

When can I drop off my items for consignment?

We accept items for consignment (max of 20) Monday through Friday by appointment only. We will review your items with you during your appointment, and anything which we are unable to accept you can take home with you that same day. Please call us at 224-433-6149 to schedule your drop-off appointment, or you can schedule it through our Facebook here

Can I set my own prices?

Yes! We encourage our consignors to let us know if they want us to list an item at a specific price. Pricing is something that can be discussed at your drop-off appointment.

If you don't have a specific price point in mind, we can always price items for you. We price items according to market trends, at 30% of the retail price.

What is consignor login? How do I use it?

Consignor login is a new feature we have added so that our consignors can check their account in real-time to see if any items in your account have sold. Consignor login shows transactions ONLY. 

After your consignment drop-off appointment, we will email you instructions on how to access your consignor login. 

How do I get paid?

We give our consignors their payouts monthly. If you sold an item (or items!) we will reach out via email and let you know at the beginning of the month. We ask that you set up an appointment to pick up your payout, as well as any items we may have to return to you. You can do this by giving us a call at 224-433-6149, or you can schedule it through our Facebook here